Residential Care Advisor

Residential care in Sonoma county, Marin, and San Francisco can be tricky…

Whether you need help with managing finances, taking care of the home, or finding residential care facilities that meet your personal expectations, we can help.

Home health care and long term care is fraught with scary numbers. More and more baby boomers are understanding that they might need nursing home care and realize that this can run from $75,000 on up.

This is often an extra job for family members. We take over this task and leave you the time to spend with loved ones.

Our clients have found that our services help to inform the difficult and emotional decision you face of what to do for Mom and Dad.

We assist with the very emotional, time-consuming and confusing task of how to go about either placing them in a retirement home or helping them stay in their own home with a caregiver or a live-in caregiver. When a son or daughter asks for advice we can also recommend trustworthy and loving caregivers. After working in this field for so long, we have an extensive network of reliable caregivers.

We handle the payroll for caregivers, and in some cases, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, our staff will go in and supervise the whole household, not just paying their bills, but also buying clothes and doing the grocery shopping.

Whatever a client in this situation needs, we are ready to provide. We will even arrange for hairdressers to come in and do their hair. Whatever the need, we can fill it.

Need help finding residential care?

We assist many of our clients in the various retirement homes around Marin and Sonoma counties in many ways.

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